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The Law Offices of Nicholas Koluncich III, LLC is headed by attorney Nicholas Koluncich. Currently admitted to practice law in California and New Mexico, Nicholas has practiced law primarily in the class action bar since 1997, while also undertaking representation of individuals in complex commercial, construction defect and general civil lawsuits. Practice areas include: antitrust, civil rights, consumer protection, securities and whistleblower advocacy. To request a firm resume, please Contact Us.

“I am convinced that the only way to make men honest, is to prevent their being otherwise, by tying them firmly to the accomplishment of their contracts.”
George Washington, 1778.

The Law Offices of Nicholas Koluncich III, LLC teams with other class action and complex litigation firms across America to vindicate the legal rights of citizens whose rights might otherwise go unenforced. By prosecuting complex litigations, usually at no cost to our clients, The Law Offices of Nicholas Koluncich III, LLC is able to take large well-endowed defendants to task for their sharp business practices. This “David and Goliath” approach to litigation often results in a positive result not only for our clients and members of the class but for the American Public as well. Absent the deterrent effect of the class action mechanism and the vigorous prosecution of each individual case, defendants’ functionally unlimited resources could act to lift them above the rule of law. Your decision to step forward as a client to vindicate the rights of others through the class action lawsuit is a vital part of deterrence.

We are a law firm practicing primarily in the complex individual, derivative and class action arena.

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